Hara - the mirror of our whole being

The Hara is the center of the self. It’s where heaven and earth meet, where we feel deeply grounded and rooted in our identity. It reflects our true nature, revealing who we are, what is going on inside us.

All meridians have a direct connection to the Hara. In an Ohashiatsu session we touch the Hara of our partner for diagnosis, but also for treatment. We differentiate kyo and jitsu, emptiness and fullness, to understand what the person needs and which meridians or areas need balance.

However, feeling the different qualities of energy in the Hara isn't always easy; it grows with practice and experience. This workshop we help you to get a better understanding and feeling of Hara.

You will learn

  • the meaning of Hara in Eastern philosophy
  • to feel and distinguish Kyo and Jitsu
  • Masunaga's diagnostic areas
  • different ways to explore the Hara
  • how to touch your partner's Hara
  • to use your own Hara for diagnosis
  • how to ask questions to confirm your findings
  • exercises to strengthen the Hara
Ohashiatsu stands for taking care of ourselves as practitioners, our own health and wellbeing, which ultimately allows also our clients to relax and get better. This principle will always be our priority, also in this course.

  • Each week you will receive training videos that show exercises and techniques to practice with.
  • Please get together with a partner and practice during the week.
  • On Thursday nights we meet on Zoom for a live coaching Session where you can get feedback on your practice and ask questions.
  • You are invited to a WhatsApp group, where you could post short videos about your practice, ask questions, and exchange your experience with your fellow students. Your teacher will be present in this group, so you will continue learning also during the week.
  • It is highly recommended to attend all live Zoom sessions. However, you will also get the recordings, so you can still follow, even if you can’t always attend live.
This course will be taught in English and is open for all Ohashiatsu course levels, as well as students and graduates from any Shiatsu school.