OHASHIATSU and Kinesiology for Degenarative Disease

Degenerative Disease like Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attack, Epilepsy,… to mention just some of them, is a wide spread and growing problem in our times. But Western medicine is at its limits: there is no answer to where it comes from or how to heal.

In this course Domenico will show why degenerative disease develops in the body – or, according to eastern understanding, how it is already there, as a “frequency” within our energetic blueprint, much before it is materialized in the physical body as a disease.

Kinesiology and muscle testing in relationship with meridian lines and acupoints will be the tools to discover this specific frequency in the body. As a next step you will learn how to counterbalance degenerative disease by using simple Ohashiatsu techniques and by choosing the right kind of food.

You will be surprised how miracles are there to be harvested.

This course is open to everybody who is interested - no prerequisites - excellent for professional body-therapists of any kind. You will be using hands-on techniques, so please bring comfortable clothes.