OHASHIATSU - The Art of Transitions

"Ohashiatsu is like a meditative dance, that develops when two life energies meet.” Ohashi says.
This dance, the continuous flow in our sessions, is often reflected as the most magical characteristic of Ohashiatsu, which is not only valuable for the client, but especially for the practitioner. The reason is in our own movement: giving and receiving becomes one and the result is better health and wellbeing for both.

After an introduction into Ohashi’s special way of movement and the 5 principles of Ohashiatsu, you will learn a large variety of techniques to elegantly move around the partner’s body without effort, to smoothly change from one working technique to the next, to gently change your partner’s position without effort, to connect the single techniques to a continuing flow, and to simply enjoy this new dimension of bodywork.

This course is open for all Ohashiatsu course levels, as well as students and graduates from any Shiatsu school.