The Hidden Secrets of Effortless Bodywork

"Ohashiatsu is a meditative dance," says Ohashi. The practitioner moves about the partner's body with ease and grace, in a seamless flow, without effort. The secret lies in special movement patterns that are based on ancient Asian knowledge and wisdom.

By using these techniques we not only help our clients to feel better, we also balance our own energy to feel refreshed and energetic after a session.

In this 5-week practical course you will learn step by step the principles that make Ohashiatsu a meditative dance. They are fundamental, so you can be applied to any form of body work and even in daily life.

It is particularly recommended for professional Shiatsu therapists, but also a perfect introduction for Shiatsu beginners and all forms of body work.

This course is taught in English, but the video material is bilingual - German and English.