Neck Perfection

”The neck is the peak of a session” … that’s at least what clients say. Indeed, working on the neck can take them into another world: the world of ultimate relaxation. The neck is connected with the lower back and shoulder muscles, so who wouldn't need a little work there?

However, it can be quite precarious to touch and move such a sensitive part of the body. Most important for us as practitioners is to be relaxed so our movements become soft and easy, and we can feel what our partner needs. As always in Ohashiatsu, our own comfort comes first.

This hands-on workshop will make you more secure in your own positions and movements, and therefore generally more secure with your client. We will select some simple neck techniques and focus on the right movements for you to practice and perfect. The highlight will be some of Ohashi’s special techniques with the scarf.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of Ohashiatsu, Shiatsu or similar disciplines of bodywork