Sit-Up Workshop

There are many reasons why we sometimes cannot work on a person laying in the usual position on a futon. There might be health reasons, or you don’t have a mat available, or there is simply not enough space. This is when you want to have techniques to use on a chair.

Including a sit-up position in a regular session could also make it easier to reach certain parts of the body, and gives more room for rotations and stretches. Furthermore, it adds diversity to our sessions, making them more dynamic and energetic.

In this full-day workshop we’ll explore a large variety of techniques in the sitting position, on a chair and on the floor, as well as transitions to smoothly bring the person into a sitting position and to bring her back down on the mat. The challenge will be to find comfort in your own body while working – remember: Ohashiatsu is to also improve the well being of the practitioner.

This practical course is open to everyone. Basic knowledge of meridians and Ohashiatsu movement is helpful.