Ohashiatsu Internship

This program is an exclusive offer for Ohashiatsu students at the professional level and Ohashiatsu graduates; pre-requisite of Intermediate 1 is required. You will work under professional supervision on clients provided by Ohashiatsu in Austria. Then your work (e.g. diagnosis, approach, techniques, therapeutical setting, behaviour towards client, taking records, etc.) will be discussed and reflected in class. Each client becomes a case study.

This provides a maximum of support for you to become an Ohashiatsu practitioner. Working on ‘real’ clients in an ideal setting. Any questions or insecurities that you encounter during your work will be discussed in a constructive spirit. A safe environment for you to gain experience and confidence.

Each internship day has 2 units of 3 hours each, with a lunch break in between - so you will have 2 clients. Each unit contains

  • Setting up (or breaking down) your work place & preparation
  • Session (about 50 minutes) & conversation with client
  • Taking records & discussion

There will be 3 students working at a time. You are required to wear a clean, ironed Gi according to the guidelines of the Ohashi Institute. All needed materials like mats, pillows, blankets, scarfs are provided. Please bring your student card and your Advanced course session list to be signed.

The complete cycle includes 3 days / 6 units, but its also possible to book single days. Please keep in mind that there is a registration deadline.