Self-help Workshop - Time for myself  

A weekend with meridian exercises, meridian stretching, guided meditations and important acupressure points.

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood - these Five Element determine our life, rhythm and health. Each element is connected to meridians (streets of energy in the body) and organs. We can influence this energy through lifestyle, food, movement, emotions and lots more.

In this workshop we diagnose our energy though the meridianstreches and make notes. Than there follow more exercises for this special element, some important tsubos (acupressure points) will be explained,in location and function. A guided meditation, connected to the element, its quality and psychological background brings us closer to them. At the end of a unit we go back to the first stretch, feel and compare to the first time.

You will get documents to look it up and train at home. The daily basic stretches take about 5 minutes and move a lot in body and soul. The connection and the understanding for you body increases, flexibility rises, you will detect changes earlier and be able to balance the energy in yourself - and help yourself. The two tools are the movement of the meridian stretches and holding your acupressure points for particular discomforts or too less energy flowing. There will be room for questions and special wishes.