Intermediate 2

In this course you will be introduced to Masunaga’s extended meridian system, which will open a new chapter in your training.
Dr. Masunaga, a psychologist turned shiatsu practitioner and teacher, found that the psychological and emotional aspects of the meridians manifested themselves in other parts of the body than the traditional meridian system had shown. By learning the Masunaga meridian extensions, you will delve deeper into how physical situations can manifest in the emotions and psyche, and how unbalanced emotions can result in physical aches, pains and illness.
Specific meridian stretches and touch techniques help to track down and harmonize the Qi in these meridians.

Main topics are

  • the meridian extensions
  • related emotions and behaviors
  • the roots of Kyo and Jitsu and how they are formed in our lives
  • case-studies

Prerequisite for this course is the completion of Ohashiatsu Intermediate 1.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

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