Ohashiatsu for Seniors

Ohashiatsu is a nourishing form of touch – it’s essence is to BE there, to be present and deeply connected with the person we work on. Who could benefit more from this than seniors, who might be experiencing a lack of energy? Gentle, loving touch is one of the most valuable contributions to healthy, dignified aging. However, working with those people requires a slightly different approach than we know it. Restricted mobility, stiff joints, stooped posture, waning sensory functions, mental weaknesses, insecurities and fears are just some of the challenges we may encounter. In this workshop we will look at the specific requirements of the elderly and show appropriate techniques and ways to support them. This includes working on a massage table, techniques in sitting position, on a chair, as well as meridians and points that address typical symptoms of this group of clients. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the 12 meridians.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

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