A private Ohashiatsu session is a remarkable experience. Because it works with Ki ~ your life force energy~ it not only works on the surface of the body (muscles and tendons for example), but it also is effective at a much deeper level, including stress levels and emotions. So bodywork that works on both the physical and emotional level is ideal.

How it Works

Eastern healing philosophy teaches us that there are energy pathways, called meridians throughout the body – what the acupuncturist treat. The meridians carry Ki (or Chi) ~ our life essence. We experience this energy in the functioning of all our life systems, from digestion and respiration to higher reasoning. The smooth flow of Ki through this meridian system is what accounts for physical health and emotional well-being. Any blockage, stagnation or imbalance within the meridian system can result in physical, psychological and emotional discomfort.

What to Expect

At the beginning of a session, the Consultant determines which meridians most need to be brought back into balance and then focuses on those meridians during the session. This provides a session uniquely tailored to the individual and is very effective. An Ohashiatsu session is as deep or as gentle as you need or want. A significant difference with Ohashiatsu is the unique mother- messenger hand technique, which eliminates the pain commonly associated with traditional shiatsu or other deep massage. Using palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows and knees, the Consultant will move around your body, applying stretches and rotating the limbs opening the meridians, releasing blocked or stagnant energy. The continuous rhythmic movement is often compared to the flowing movement of Qigong or Tai Chi. You’ll lie on a mat wearing loose comfortable clothing, which makes it ideal for those who are body conscious.


By balancing the energy, the body and mind can follow its own natural impulse to heal itself. This deep relaxation rejuvenates you and induces a state of harmony and peace.

Relief from the common physical and emotional symptoms of stress, including:

  • fatigue
  • backache
  • joint pain and stiffness
  • muscle tension
  • insomnia
  • anxiety

Helpful Tips for your Private Session

  • Book as early as possible to secure your preferred time.
  • Do not eat any solids or drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages 2 hours before the session.
  • Bring loose, comfortable clothing and clean socks to change into. Cotton is an ideal fabric.
  • Sessions last 50 minutes with at least 5 minutes of resting time to give the body time to assimilate the work before you “jump” back into your daily life.
  • We accept rescheduling and cancellations up to 24 hours in advance, otherwise we have to charge for the unused session.


Gift Certificates

Surprise your family or friends with a gift certificate for an Ohashiatsu session, to introduce them to this gentle and soothing experience.

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