Ohashi´s Business Success Course


This is a special workshop for those who want to be or who are free-lance workers – those with their own business — such as bodywork therapists, beauticians, artists, doctors, consultants, and instructors. Ohashi has developed his own formula for those who want to succeed in business as well as in life. His seminar will motivate you, and instruct you with his own “top secrets” and his experiences to help you succeed. He will cover the beauty of self-employment, how to achieve success as a self-employee, and the benefits of being self-employed. He will help you set goals and do a five-year plan during the workshop.

The workshop will cover

  • How to choose your modality
  • How to set a brand
  • How to control time
  • How to find the best location
  • Which clients to choose
  • What kind of presentation is best
  • What kind of uniform to work in
  • How to develop the right greetings and language
  • How to market yourself.

Ohashi himself established his own business in his early twenty’s, after being briefly employed by fitness clubs. He is a respected holistic heath instructor and practitioner, who has students and clients all over the world. He established his own school and reputation by himself, with mistakes and self-experiences to teach and guide him. He established a nonprofit organization the Ohashi Institute in 1974, and has published many books that helped to establish his authority in his field, and brought him many famous clients.

This course in open to everyone who wants to make their small business successful.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

Are you interested?