This program is an offer for Ohashiatsu students of the diploma training (2nd stage of study) and above (Ohashiatsu Graduates). The prerequisite is therefore the completion of advanced course 1. Within the framework of this program, Ohashiatsu in Austria provides clients who are treated by you under expert supervision. Diagnostic approach, approach, treatment technique, therapeutic setting, dealing with clients, logging, etc. are discussed in detail and reflected on in the group. Each individual treatment becomes a case study.

The aim of this offer is to provide you with expert support on your way to becoming an Ohashiatsu practitioner. The practical exercise situation with ‘real’ clients is the ideal setting for this. Questions and uncertainties that arise from the specific treatment situation are discussed directly and steered in a constructive direction. In this way you can gain practical experience in a safe environment and gain security at work and in dealing with clients.

An internship day consists of 2 units of 3 hours each with a lunch break in between. So you’re working on 2 clients.

Each unit includes

  • Construction (or dismantling) of the treatment stations
  • Introduction
  • Session (approx. 50 minutes) and client discussion
  • Logging
  • Debriefing

The number of participants is limited to 3, so a maximum of 3 sessions will take place at the same time. Wearing a clean, ironed Gi following Ohashi Institute guidelines is mandatory. All accessories (mats, neck rolls, blankets, towels,…) are provided. The treatments can be used as case studies and for your session list.

An internship cycle consists of 3 internship days of 2 units each. The days can also be booked individually.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

Are you interested?