Ohashiatsu for Depression


In this advanced training workshop Domenico will give an easy and understandable introduction into the causes and different forms of depression, followed by various possibilities of treatment:

  • How can we help with Ohashiatsu?
  • Which diet is favorable and what foods to avoid?
  • What other activities or measures could be helpful?

You will be introduced to the major neurotransmitters that influence the biochemistry of the brain. Some of them may control our behaviour and create different kinds of depression. Connecting these neuro-transmitters to acupoints and the five elements of Chinese Medicine, as well as using kinesiology testing will give a clue how to treat depression with Ohashiatsu techniques. The practical application will be part of this course.

This course is particularly interesting for those affected by depression and their relatives, but also for everyone who is interested in this topic. It is an excellent addition to any kind of body therapy. No previous knowledge is required!



This course might be offered in-person or online.

Are you interested?