Ohashiatsu in Sit-up Position

There are many reasons why we sometimes cannot work on a person laying in the usual position on a futon. It might be because of old age, lack of moblilty, injuries, or any health reasons. Sometimes you don’t have a mat available or there is simply not enough space on the floor. That´s when you want to have chair techniques in your repertoire.

Including a sit-up position in a regular session could also make it easier to reach certain parts of the body, and gives more room for rotations and stretches. Furthermore, it adds diversity and dynamic to your sessions.

In this workshop you’ll learn

  • when to use the chair
  • what set-up and tools might be helpful
  • a large variety of techniques in the sitting position
  • how to work without effort by using Ohashiatsu principles
  • transitions from supine into sitting position and back

The challenge will be to find comfort in your own body while working – remember: Ohashiatsu always focus on the well being of the practitioner.

This practical course is open to everyone. Basic knowledge of meridians is helpful but not required.


This course might be offered in-person or online.

Are you interested?