Practice Classes

Practice classes help you to improve and refine the techniques you have learned in class. Only through regular practice will your movements become smoothe and gentle, your sensitivity increases and you gain more confidence. 

In our 3-hour in-person classes students practice on each other with our teachers providing practical assistance with technique and body posture. We begin with exercises, meditation and demonstration of techniques. Experiencing the work on your own body is an additional benefit and an essential element of learning.

Practice Classes are offered on a monthly basis; in addition we offer online practice classes every other month.

In the one-and-a-half online practice classes you will work on a partner at home. Our certified teachers observes your work on screen and corrects where necessary. Here too, exercises and technicus are demonstrativ and you are invited to bring in your specific wishes and questions.
This is how it works:
– Have a partner with you to work on;
– Prepare your work place with a mat/futon and everything you need for your session;
– The class will be held as a Zoom meeting. You will get link upon registration;
– Set up your computer or phone camera so that we can overlook your entire work area.
A minimum of 30 practice classes are required to complete the Ohashiatsu program. 

Practice classes are open to all Ohashiatsu course levels, and to anyone who has attended our practical workshops. In-person practice classes are limited to a maximum of 6, online practice classes to a maximum of 12 students.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

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