The Hidden Secrets of Effortless Bodywork

How to practice self-care by moving with ease and lightness through your session

„Don’t press, just be there”

…that should be your first principle when you do bodywork. But isn’t pressing exactly what we’re supposed to do with Shi-atsu, meaning finger-pressure?

It is an art to do bodywork in a way that goes deep, yet moving through your session with ease and grace. You need to be in a relaxed state to access your intuitive power, to avoid tension and pain in your own body, and simply not waste energy. The secret lies in special movement patterns that are based on ancient Asian knowledge and wisdom.

In this 2-day course, Margarete will teach you the fundamental principles of effortless movement, developed by Master Ohashi over the last 50 years. Guided by his studies in Oriental medicine, Japanese martial arts, and human movement, he has cultivated the best of these disciplines into his unique method.

You will learn step by step how bodywork becomes a meditative dance. These simple principles can be applied in any form of bodywork and even in everyday life.

There are no pre-requisites for this course – everybody can join. But it’s especially helpful for Shiatsu practitioners who get tired or feel pain through their practice.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

Are you interested?