Beginning 1

Be natural… be reverent… be present… be continuous… use both hands. Students learn the fundamental principles of Ohashiatsu/Ohashi Method as they apply to bodywork and, more importantly, to every aspect of life. You’ll learn how to work from Hara: your center and your source of inner strength and calm. You’ll learn:

  • How to feel the life force or Ki energy flow in the body
  • Location of the meridians along the Back, the Legs and the Arms
  • Some of the major tsubos (acupoints)
  • Ohashiatsu movements and techniques in supine and prone positions

The practical part will focus on feeling Ki energy in the body and learning the natural movement patterns of Ohashiatsu. In the theoretical part you will be introduced to the Yin-Yang concept of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

You will experience enhanced sensitivity as well as increased body awareness and grace. By the end of the course, you will know how to give a full-body session.