Ohashi’s Healing Scarf Technique

Ohashi has been developing this unique technique over many years, experimenting on his thousands of clients. He has developed a way of using a Healing Scarf to effectively give relief for certain structural problems. For some conditions, or for certain clients, a “facilitator” such as a natural fabric scarf is more appropriate or effective than the hands. In this workshop he will teach and demonstrate how to properly fold and hold the scarf and utilize hara movement for effective treatment.

Utilizing a special Japanese scarf (tenugui) in your treatment can add an important dimension of comfort for you and your clients. It is an effective new modality that your clients will appreciate. Ohashi has been developing this technique for 45 years, perfecting it with his many clients.

You will learn how to properly fold and hold the scarf, and how to use your natural gravity (your “Hara”) to produce effective, comfortable, and effortless treatment. Ohashi will teach how to use the healing scarf to stretch and manipulate different parts of the body, which will relieve discomfort from structural problems on the neck, arms, torso, legs, and back.

In this class, he will also discuss the importance of preventing fatigue and damage to your body. Only when you can give daily treatments without becoming tired or damaging your body, can you truly realize the success and enjoyment of your career as a practitioner.

Ohashi’s Healing Scarf Technique will enhance your professional career. This course is designed for bodywork practitioners, especially shiatsu and massage therapists, and can also be utilized by physical therapists, aestheticians, and yoga and exercise instructors — anyone who is motivated and inspired to discover a holistic way to benefit their clients.

The course consists of lectures and demonstrations, with time for adequate practice so that you can learn this effective technique in one class.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

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