Ohashi’s Oriental Diagnosis – Reading the Body

Long time before there were X-Ray machines, CAT scans, and blood tests, traditional healers used noninvasive methods to ascertain a person’s health and character. From their understanding of human nature came a deep appreciation for the oneness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Oriental Diagnosis is a topic and discipline that spans thousands of years and many levels of intellectual inquiry.

But there are four fundamental approaches that are key to assessing health and character:
BO SHIN: Seeing and observing your subject; SETSU SHIN: Touching your subject, feeling his or her life; MON SHIN: Asking questions to obtain information on his or her condition; BUN SHIN: Listening and smelling.

Ohashi will discuss and show how you, as a holistic practitioner, can use these diagnostic methods to better know your clients and their needs.

He compares Eastern and Western approaches to health with humor and sensitivity and brilliantly draws out the precepts and seeming paradoxes of Oriental medicine in a language we can all understand. His discussion covers general face diagnosis, back diagnosis with bilateral distortion, and movement diagnosis. He ends the course with his famous “shoe diagnosis” — reading participants’ shoes to analyze the lifestyle, psychology, health, and even financial condition of the wearer. This course helps you to view the human and natural worlds with new eyes and to discover physical, mental, and spiritual conditions in yourself and others, while reaching a deeper understanding of their unity.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

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