Ohashi’s Oriental Diagnosis – Reading the Body

Ohashi compares Eastern and Western approaches to health with humor and sensitivity and brilliantly draws out the precepts and seeming paradoxes of Oriental medicine in a language we can all understand.

His discussion covers face diagnosis: general facial structure, with detailed focusing on forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and ears. Other topics are back diagnosis with bilateral distortion, supine-position diagnosis, and movement diagnosis. He explains and demonstrates several meridians and their relationships, as well as physical and psychological diagnoses to be drawn from the meridians.

He ends the course with his famous “shoe diagnosis”: reading participants’ shoes to analyze the lifestyle, psychology, health, and even financial condition of the wearer.

This course helps you to view the human and natural worlds with new eyes and to discover physical, mental, and spiritual conditions in yourself and others.

As part of the certification program, this course is recommended to take before Intermediate 2. However, it is open and useful for anyone, professionals and lay people alike.

This course might be offered in-person or online.

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