Grow Your Client Base (Home-Study Course)


with Margarete Eller, COI

Learn how to get fully booked as a bodyworker!

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Learn how to get fully booked as a bodyworker!

This 5-Day Challenge will help you to…

✓ grow a business that supports you

✓ get paid for your service in a way that feels satisfying and rewarding

✓ be a magnet for new clients and referrals

✓ make your practice sustainable, so you can serve your clients also in the future


This is a home-study course. You get short videos with lots of tips and tricks on how to grow your client base. Best to complete one per day. Each video includes an actionable assignment that will bring you closer to your goal.

The topics are:

  • Day 1: Professional Set-up (16 min)
  • Day 2: Your Price Point (12 min)
  • Day 3: How to Get Bookings (11 min)
  • Day 4: Getting New Clients (10 min)
  • Day 5: Long Term Clients (17 min)
  • Bonus Video: Talking to Your Clients (15 min)

Additionally, you could join our “Beyond Shiatsu” Facebook group to ask questions and see what your fellow students have posted before (look for blue signs: Day 1 – Day 5).


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